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What’s in your luggage?

I’m packing for a big trip and going through my lists. Amongst all of my camera gear and clothes, I’ve packed two items that I think are indispensable.

Ziploc bags are useful for a ton of things. Keep a wet bathing suit separated…keep passport and tickets together…lens tissue, digital flash cards, lens caps…toothpaste or soap…for any of those small items or doodads that can be hard to find in your luggage… I keep a few empties, just in case.

Have you ever been woken earlier than you wanted because the hotel room’s curtains just didn’t close all the way.  Bring a clothes pin: it’s lightweight, not valuable and does the job. Plus you can use it to close your bag of potato chips.


What unexpected things do  you bring?


An Afternoon at the O’Neill’s

The O’Neill’s home in Bloomfield intrigued me. The landscaping was great and I found this wonderful angle, looking through the foliage. To my eye, it made their home look like a cottage in the English countryside. The kids were playful and that made it all so much fun.


The photographs are BEAUTIFUL !  I was surprised with how much fun the photo session was with LOVELY results!”

– Brittany O’Neill, Bloomfield, New Jersey



Keeping Up with the Joneses

Photographing on a farm has got to be one of my favorite places to make portraits. Recently, I visited Crewe Hill Stable in New Vernon.  Crewe Hill is a family-run business where they board, train and show horses. Jessica and Tim Jones and their daughters run this beautiful facility.  I had a blast photographing the whole family at a couple of different locations on the farm. The light was fantastic, the horses and dog cooperated and the results were amazing.

03-Jones FP-kls done-kls-cropped

“The photographs are absolutely wonderful.  Phil is so easy and fun to work with and pays excellent attention to detail. We were surprised with the moments caught on camera in just ONE day!”

– Tim Jones, New Vernon, NJ

15-Jones FP-kls done-kls


The Wright Way

A few days ago, I went to the West Orange home of the Wrights. They were putting their home on the market and wanted a memento of their time in 07052 with son, Aram. The kid is a charmer. I couldn’t believe how mature he is and how well he could take direction. He could be an actor!

“We LOVE our photos, the whole process was great!  We were surprised at how relaxed the session was.  Phil came with a plan and had a concept that he executed to a T!”

Jack Wright, West Orange

26-Wright done-kls

“He took the time to find ‘the moment’ with my mom and son.  We would absolutely recommend Phil to others.  He offers great service, professionalism, and kindness – he is a class act!”

Christina Wright

13-Wright done-kls


Sidewalk Stroll SATURDAY!

COME to the Summer Sidewalk Stroll in Downtown Montclair!  On Saturday, June 14 from 10am-5pm, Phil Cantor Photography will move downtown for the day and I’ll be set-up between Starbucks & Urban Outfitters. Be sure to stop and check out the artwork, as well as ENTER TO WIN a FREE Family Portrait Session!

Phil will be running STRIKE A POSE! Where you can learn how to POSE your family for a great PORTRAIT!


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