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Chicken Run!

phil cantor photography
A few weeks ago, as part of my European vacation trip, I visited my friends, Ann and Jim, who have a farm in England.  The farm has been in their family since 1893, and over the years they have raised sheep and cows. For the last 20 years, they have been raising chickens.  Specifically chickens that lay Free Range Eggs. They have 16,000 brown chickens.

phil cantor photography

Visiting the barn where they live is an unique experience. Chickens are noisy, curious, scared (they’re chicken) and an amazing sight. They lay about 15,000 brown eggs each day and conveyor belts move the eggs to the cool packing room. Every morning the doors to the hen house open and a few chickens (a hundred, two hundred, who knows) come outside.

phil cantor photography
Jim, the farmer, told me he knows the name of every chicken. He calls them all Martha.