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Photography in Westfield, NJ

Phil Cantor Photography, based in nearby Montclair, NJ, specializes in creative and artistic family portraits and kids photography. Whether you’re looking for someone to photograph your family, a professional photographer who can capture the essence of your child’s personality, a photographer for your high school senior portrait, or your professional headshot … after a few minutes browsing this site, you will know everything you need to make your decision.

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Since it’s not far away, we enjoy the many wonderful places in Westfield to make great photographs. One of my favorite locations for family portraits is Mindowaskin Park off Mountain Avenue. I have also shot weddings in the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, which was founded in 1728 and is historically known as the Presbyterian Church in the West Fields of Elizabeth Town.

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Kids photography, phil cantor, montclair, nj, photographerI love everything. It looks amazing. I can’t figure out if my kids are exceptionally beautiful or if you are just exceptionally talented. I so appreciate the time and care you put into these portraits. I feel so lucky to have such beautiful images of my family. Thanks to you I have photos that capture who they are at specific moments in their lives. Whenever Johnny is challenging I just look at his laughing baby picture and I remember that kid is always in there somewhere!

-Christin Collins-Clark, NJ