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Snow falling on cedars

Skiing Craftsbuy Outdoor Center 3-19-15_resizeIt’s St. PATRICK’S day and I’m still skiing…I can’t believe it. This is Cross-country skiing, not downhill, and I’ve passionate about XC Skiing since high school.  We were outside in the 20 degree temp for about 3 hours and covered 10 kilometers. We did this for three days! It is beautiful, and it was a treat and a privilege.20150317_131307-1_resize


I’m with my former Montclair next door neighbor, Bill Burhans, at Craftsbury Outdoor Center, in northern VT.  The area is called the Northeast Kingdom, and it is so far north, it might as well be Canada. There’s not much here except dairy farms and logging operations.


3 inches of snow falling today, 2oº, beautiful conditions. This may be the best commercial Nordic center I’ve ever been to. 95km, up & down terrain, lakes, rivers, forest, views, and fabulous chili in the lodge.

20150319_201638_resizeIn the next town, West Glover, we went to hear music at Parker Pie, the only restaurant around.  This being Vermont, we had a large pizza with garlic, apple, bacon and maple syrup. That about covered all of my major food groups.20150319_201800_resize

This is New Jersey???



It amazes me that in the most densely populated state in the Union, in the most populous county in the State, I can feel I am in the deep woods, 5 minutes away from the center of Montclair. Two days ago, I went skiing for 90 minutes in Eagle Rock Reservation, which straddles the town lines between Montclair, Verona, and West Orange,. Within 100 yards of where I parked I can get off the main trail and I feel like I’m skiing or hiking in Vermont. It is beautiful, quiet, and serene.

The value of urban parks can not be overstated. We all need these escape valves. Eagle Rock is a hidden gem of the Essex County Park System.


Skiing with Roxy

Last weekend, I made the trek up to the northern Catskills. Schoharie County, NY, to be exact. They are experiencing the coldest February on record. The average temperature has been 9 degrees and the snow depth is about 24 inches compacted.

It sounds delicious if you like cross-country skiing. I joined Rod and Barb on the old logging trails on New York State Forest land. The day was cold, but the bright sun made it perfect for spending two hours on sticks sliding across deep snow. We followed snowmobile tracks, so we did not tire ourselves having to break trail.

I haven’t mentioned our long haired companion, Roxy. Roxy is a fantastic ski dog…happiest when bounding in the snow like a kangaroo. The cold doesn’t bother her, nor does the deep snow. The only thing she does not like about the winter are the ice balls that form between the pads of her paws.XC Skiing with Roxy