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Bar Mitzvah Photography


  • A memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah Day Forever Captured

    Every family wants their Bar/Bat Mitzvah to be PERFECT, fun, and one of the most important days of his or her young life. Everyone wants to enjoy every minute of the day while spending wonderful, quality time with their guests. The photographer is there to capture every special moment and make it last forever.

    My name is Phil Cantor and I’ve been photographing Bar Mitzvahs for over 20 years. I appreciate and am moved to tears by the emotion, the silliness and the importance of every single one of these special occasions I am privileged to document.

    3 Keys that Will Help Make your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographs Exceptional

  • #1: How to Find and Hire the Right Photographer

    Before you hire anyone to photograph your event make sure you visit the photographer at his/her studio. When you walk into the studio of the right photographer you will know it! The studio will have a style and professional air, but not be stuffy.

    Bat Mitzvah girl & friendsI wanted a photographer who would be unobtrusive and whose style matched the easy going style which I envisioned. I found these attributes with Phil Cantor Photography. You did an amazing job, capturing each important aspect of the celebration from beginning to end. I would not only recommend you very highly, but would use you again for any other major celebration in the future.

    — Lynne Popper, Forest Hills, Queens
  • The photographs on the walls will pop out at you and make you drool. There will be lots of Bar Mitzvah albums that will give you confidence in the professionalism, artistic sensibility, and creative ability…you want the assurance that you are in experienced hands.You will notice that throughout this webpage are photographs and testimonials from some of the families we have been honored to photograph.

    #2: How I Tell the Story of Your Bar Mitzvah

    An artistic and creative photographer can combine images that document the story of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah day in an innovative and artistic way. My candid, photojournalistic style is marked by strong composition and an artful eye. I work to capture the essence of an event while remaining unobtrusive. Remember that your photographs will become a visual and priceless narrative of the special day in the years to come. Not only are we making beautiful photographs, we know what makes a certain photograph important…why those two people talking are unusual, why that group of friends have meaning, how important a photograph of that person will be in the future.

    Bar Mitzvah actionMost of us have a difficult time remembering the salient and poignant moments of any event, especially years later. It is only the photographs that we have that jog our memory and bring smiles to our faces. When my son became a Bar Mitzvah, I asked that you capture those special moments. You came through with flying colors and forever memorialized that day through an album that was done with professionalism and creativity.

    — Rick Rosenthal, Franklin Lakes, NJ
  • #3: One Bar Mitzvah Per Day

    Phil Cantor Photography is committed to focusing only on your event, no double bookings. I want to capture all of the special moments that happen throughout the day. This means a guarantee of complete focus on your event.

    I will arrive at the Bar Mitzvah with my Second Photographer or an Assistant Photographer. He or she has a huge responsibility during the day, and is the true secret to our success in photography. His or her job is looking for those great moments that make your event special. Having another set of hands and eyes makes for full coverage of your Bat Mitzvah. All the nooks and crannies are visited and the chance of missing something happening in a far corner is almost non-existent.

  • Bat Mitzvah girlPhil Cantor is an extraordinary photographer. He did an amazing job at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. His photographs are not only beautiful, they tell the story of a special day in our lives from the beginning to the end. He not only captures images, but his candids capture the true emotions, the tears of joy, the laughter, and the celebration. The hardest part is choosing the photos for the album!

    — Denise and Richard Neibart, Morristown, NJ

    Important things you should know about my team and me:

    • We carry the exact insurance that your reception site requires and we will dress in appropriate attire for your event.
    • I don’t require a checklist. Instead, I learn the names and relationships of all the members of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party, and both families! I refer to them by name, and I know their relationship to you, so I can be constantly watching for those special, magical and spontaneous moments that will be so meaningful to you to have photographs of!
    • We will NEVER leave your Bar or Bat Mitzvah without checking with you first!

    Here’s What To Do Right Now!

    Call today for availability. There is no charge or obligation for you to call us. We will just “chat” a bit on the phone, and give you some great pointers that will be helpful to you, whether you decide to come in and talk in person or not.

    Call me at 973-783-1065 (no cost, no obligation) or email me at info@philcantor.com