Business Headshots in the studio

2022-05-17T16:17:12-04:00March 15th, 2022|Corporate photography, Headshots, Phil Cantor|

Today's assignment: 13 headshots for a financial advisory firm. This was the third day of portraits for this Bloomfield, NJ-based company. 43 portraits in December in their offices, then the rest at my studio. It's a great perk for the employees...everyone is covered from Tech folks to facilities to the VPs with great photographs for the company's website and their personal LinkedIn pages. My goal is to maintain the same feel for all the headshots, [...]

Fall Portraits in the Leaves

2021-11-03T15:06:57-04:00November 3rd, 2021|Essex County, fall portraits, Family portraits, Montclair, New Jersey, North Jersey, Northern New Jersey, Phil Cantor, Photography, portraits|

On Saturday, November 20th and Sunday, November 21st, I’ll be hosting my popular Portraits in the Leaves at South Mountain Reservation in South Orange, New Jersey! There is no better time for your Fall Family Portraits…trust me!  Whether it’s your child’s first year at school or last year before college, autumn is a fantastic time to capture the essence of your family. Let the vibrant leaves be the backdrop of this unique and exciting family event that you will remember [...]

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