An Investment

Professional photography for your business, organization, or practice is an investment in your image. Photography is really an asset for marketing your business and engaging clients with for your website, brochures, advertisements, promotional materials, social media pages, and blog posts.

4 Myths about professional photography for your business.

#1 Photographs are not very important for my business website.

WRONG…when a viewer lands on your website, their eye always looks for a picture or graphic. Next, we look for a headline or caption. If the viewer is still engaged, and likes what they see, then, and only then, will they begin to read the text on the website. Your photography MUST be good to begin the process.

#2 I can buy a stock photograph.

While stock photography can be helpful, it is not the best way to show off your practice, company or organization. The people and facilities in stock photographs are NOT your company, and viewers know that. When people come to your website or read your brochure, they want to see and hear from the actual people they will be doing business with, not an actor or a model.

#3 I can do it myself.

There are so many different variables that go into creating images that tell a story. Here are a few of the many problems I see in homemade photographs: distracting backgrounds, messy foreground, inappropriate clothing and, mostly, boring compositions without a storytelling focus. Your company deserves better.

#4 Professional photography is expensive.

It is certainly more expensive than taking the pictures yourself, but I’m sure you’ve seen photographs that are obviously low quality…these unprofessional photographs telegraph a message to your clients about the lack of professionalism in the services and products you offer.  The photographs on your website and brochures are extremely important in making a positive first impression. This is not a place to cut corners.

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