4 Myths about Photographing Kids

#1 I can wait to get my child photographed until they’re older…

One moment they’re toddlers, the next moment they’re asking for the car keys! This is your opportunity to freeze time, even for just a fleeting moment. When I look back at my photographs of my sons, who are now men, I always get a lump in my throat. I’ve taken literally thousands of photographs of my sons (that’s not an exaggeration) – and I still wish I’d taken more!

Carol Apprendi“The three kids and I all truly enjoyed ourselves. We talked about it afterwards and couldn’t get over how much fun the experience was. It’s hard to find something all three kids enjoy doing – a college freshman, teenage boy, and a five year old. We haven’t had this much fun together in a long time!”

Carol Apprendi, Montclair, NJ

Throughout this page you’ll see and hear from families in the New York/Northern New Jersey Metro Area.

#2 I can get my kid photographed anytime…

The most common mistake people make when getting their children’s portraits is planning well. Whether you have a bouncy toddler or a reluctant teenager, being prepared is paramount to making this portrait a success. In every single one of my photo sessions, we carefully plan and coordinate everything, leaving nothing to chance.

#3 My kid is going to be bored

Many people think their children will be bored during the photography session – and that couldn’t be farther from the truth! My goal is to make this a fun and enjoyable experience for the kids – sometimes so much so, they won’t to leave the studio!

During your children’s photography session, I will try different backgrounds, different clothing, even different props for kids of different ages. I’m going to be doing everything to showcase who your kids are at this moment of their lives. I want you to look at these photographs and see a glimpse of the person they’re going to become (not that there’s any rush)!

Kids photography, phil cantor, montclair, nj, photographer“I love everything. It looks amazing. I can’t figure out if my kids are exceptionally beautiful or if you are just exceptionally talented. I so appreciate the time and care you put into these portraits. I feel so lucky to have such beautiful images of my family. Thanks to you I have photos that capture who they are at specific moments in their lives. Whenever Johnny is challenging I just look at his laughing baby picture and I remember that kid is always in there somewhere!”

Christin Collins-Clark, Whiting, NJ

#4 What if my kid doesn’t behave or is not feeling well?

I’ve been photographing kids for so many years, I’ve developed a “tool kit” of tricks and jokes, even special noises, all to get the best out of your kids. With certain kids, I enlist their help setting up the studio and arranging the furniture. I actually like the process of corralling them and making them laugh.

When you see your final portraits, I guarantee you’re going to be thrilled with them – not just satisfied – THRILLED! If you’re not thrilled, we’ll do everything possible to make you thrilled, and if for some reason we couldn’t, there would be no charge…GUARANTEED! In fact, no matter who you choose to photograph your kids, make sure they offer a guarantee…because with kids, you just never know!

Learn more with a simple call, 973-783-1065, or email me at info@philcantor.com.

Claudia Gorman“I have thousands of pictures of my sixteen month old son, but almost none of him, my husband and I together. When that realization struck, we promptly made an appointment with Phil Cantor because he is the only person that we’d trust to document our memories. And the result was absolutely amazing! He truly captured the essence of our little family. We now have a wonderful keepsake and we certainly couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful result or effortless experience! Phil will be our photographer for life!”

Claudia Gorman, Springfield, NJ