3 biggest reasons why folks put off doing their headshot

#1 Headshots are not very important

Taking the initiative to get your professional headshot is an integral step for your business, and your career! Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to establish your online presence, whether on social media or on your company website. Additionally, a professional headshot provides visual currency for your prospective clients or job leads – it shows them the face of your business and who you are as an individual.


“The results were FABULOUS, I look better than I thought I would! I loved the collaborative interaction and coaching during the session. Phil is a MASTER at what he does, technically and interpersonally. From the preparation and photo session to the selection of photos, the whole process was a PLEASURE!”

Sims Wyeth, Montclair, NJ

Throughout this page you’ll see and hear from professionals in the New York/New Jersey Metro Area.

#2 I don’t like having my photograph taken

Not sure what clothes will make you look best? Have no fear! Thanks to thorough planning, Phil will help you coordinate everything down to the smallest detail…even your shoes! Worried you’ll look stiff or unnatural? Phil will guide you during the entire photography session:  how to smile, what to do with your hands, and what angles flatter you the most.

#3 What if I don’t like the photographs?

I guarantee you’re going to be thrilled with your new portraits– not just satisfied – THRILLED! If you’re not thrilled, we’ll do everything possible to make you thrilled, and if for some reason we couldn’t, there would be no charge…. GUARANTEED!

Interested in learning more about getting YOUR professional headshots? Contact me TODAY by email or call me at 973-783-1065 for more information! Don’t put it off any longer!

author, actor, headshot, creative, montclair, nj, photographer, photographym, phil cantor, professional, artistic, musician, desgner, studio, photo, picture, actress“My portrait is a powerful business tool. It shows great eye contact, a lot of twinkle in the eyes, and a perfect smile… I look full of energy; and I come across as professional, polished, dynamic. Bottom line: I look like like someone to trust to get a company in shape and to handle executives and managers effectively. I expect this will look fabulous on the dust cover of my new book.”

Charles Green, West Orange, NJ