Last week, I photographed Sarah who creates and sells custom Fursuits for people to wear at Furry conventions. The term Furry refers to folks who love anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.  Dating from the 1980s, Fursuits have been a way of expressing one’s “fursona”, the alter ego that a Furry takes on when wearing a Fursuit.
These amazing costumes are a tour-de-force of design and craftsmanship, taking hours to produce. Using fabric, foam and synthetic fur, these suits combine fantasy and engineering. Some even have a fan inside to keep the wearer cool. This passion of Sarah’s has turned into a successful business venture and these photographs are for her website.
After the session was over Sarah told me that I looked like I was really enjoying myself. I had a blast taking these photographs! The session was unique and I loved how the Fursuits were like soft sculptures, truly artistic, each with its own personality.