“Never judge a book by its cover.” Does anyone actually believe that? We all judge books by the cover …and people, too. 
Here are FOUR reasons why a professional headshot can be the deciding factor to clients, colleagues, recruiters or employer.

#1 Conveys Professionalism:

You’re a professional, right? Then your profile picture should look professional. If your headshot is taken with a cell phone, by a friend or cut out from a family picture you got on a cruise, then who’s going to take you seriously in business.

#2 Sends a Message:

Your professional headshot will send a message. It will broadcast your personality and qualifications before you even say a word.  The details of a business portrait are so important. Clothing, jewelry, grooming and posing will make or ruin your headshot.

#3 It’s not what you say…it’s how you look!

90% of information is transmitted to the brain as visual and is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Your portrait better be inviting and attractive because that first impression is what will make that colleague or recruiter or client read your bio, your website, your profile or your brochure. People always look at a picture first, then if you’re lucky, they’ll read the words.

#4 Wow. That’s pressure!

Sounds stressful, no? That’s why you get your headshot taken by a professional. You’ll be walked through what color to wear, how to pose, when to smile, when not to smile, where to put your hands, where to put your feet.

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