A Magical and Romantic Wedding Day Forever Captured

After photographing over 700 weddings over two decadesI know that the bride and groom (or bride and bride or groom and groom) want to enjoy every minute of the day while spending wonderful, quality time with their family and guests. The photographer is there to capture every special moment and make it last forever. I’ve devoted my life to photographing and I appreciate and am moved to tears by the emotion and romance of every single one of the special occasions I am privileged to capture.

3 Tips that you Need to Know about Wedding Photography.

#1 How to Find and Hire the Right Photographer

Before you hire anyone to photograph your wedding, make sure you visit the photographer at their studio. The photographs on the walls should pop out and excite you. Check out their sample albums and get a sense of their professionalism, artistic sensibility, and creative ability…you want the assurance that you are in experienced hands.

“Harry finally returned to the west coast with our absolutely stunning wedding album. And I LOVE it. Just leafing through it made my day and will make me smile, laugh, and cry for years to come!”

Meg Robinson & Harry Li, Menlo Park, CA

You will notice that throughout this webpage are photographs and testimonials from some of the brides and grooms we have been honored to photograph.

#2 The Story of Your Wedding Day

An artistic and creative photographer can combine images that document the story of your wedding day in an innovative and artistic way. My candid, photojournalistic style is marked by strong composition and an artful eye. I work to capture the essence of an event while remaining unobtrusive.

Remember that your photographs will become a visual and priceless narrative of your special day in the years to come. Not only are we making beautiful photographs, we know what makes a certain photograph important…why those two people talking are unusual, why that group of friends has meaning, how important a photograph of that person will be in the future.

We will arrive at your wedding to cover all aspects of your wedding. Our job is to look for those great moments that make your wedding special. Multiple cameras mean multiple angles and hundreds of images – and a complete record of your special day.

“We cannot express how happy we are. Neither Colleen nor I are comfortable being in the spotlight, and you and your assistant made us feel SO comfortable and relaxed. Your ability to shoot from afar really allowed us to enjoy our time together, and our big night.”

Doug Rankin, New York City

#3 One Wedding Per Day

Phil Cantor Photography is committed to focusing only on your happy event, no double bookings. This means a guarantee of complete focus on your event.

Important things you should know about my team and me:

I am the Principal Photographer at my studio. In addition, I employ a select few Senior Photographers who all share the same philosophy and photograph in the same style as me.

We carry the insurance that your reception site requires and will dress in appropriate attire for your wedding.

I try to learn the names and relationships of all the members of your wedding party. I refer to them by name, and I am constantly watching for those magical and spontaneous moments that will be so meaningful to have a photograph of!

“Last night on our seventh anniversary we pulled out the album to show our four year old son the wedding. The photographs are still so powerful and emotional after all this time — Thank you!”

Jeff Blackman, New York City

Here’s What To Do Right Now!

Call today for availability. We will talk on the phone and give you some great pointers that will be helpful to you, whether you decide to come in and talk in person or not. Call me at 973-783-1065 (no cost, no obligation) or email me at info@philcantor.com.