On Location Photo Equipment

Throw Back Thursday: In 1995, I thought it would be cool to spread out the contents of my main hard shell camera case & soft bag. These came on every on-location photography shoot that I went to, mostly corporate  photography assignments. This was the FILM era, no instant review,  no camera phones and, definitely no Photoshop to fix mistakes. I was a Canon camera shooter and I had 9 lenses from the 14mm rectilinear to the 35mm Tilt/Shift to the super fast f/1.2 85 mm. My main bodies were the Canon New F-1, though I see the first Canon EOS body in the left corner. I had filters galore to correct light sources, a sports viewfinder, even a battery tester.  Can you identify the 2 Polaroid cameras? Who can tell me what the 3 different meters were for?