I recently got a question from a client during a business portrait session about how she could use all of the wonderful headshots we took together. Most photographers just do one portrait in front of the traditional gray backdrop. I figure that if you’re going through all that effort to get new photographs, it is worth it to do multiple variations, with several wardrobe and backdrop changes. I want you to have a collection of portraits, so you’re not just re-using the same photograph everywhere. For instance, your LinkedIn portrait should have a different feel than your Instagram, which should be different than your Bio page on your website. Each social media platform has a different personality, LinkedIn is more professional while Instagram is more easy-going. The next few weeks I’m going to share some “Case Studies” of how my clients are using their business portraits.
Check out how Montclair, NJ, realtor Christopher Kaul uses his different portraits on his website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even in his emails.
In the coming weeks I will be sharing more case studies.