Family Portrait Set up

Crewe Hill Stables is a beautiful riding center located in the heart of New Jersey horse country just outside of Morristown.  I joined them recently to photograph the Crewe crew for their holiday card. Mom, Nancy and sisters, Jessica and Megan, who all run the center, help clean up the rink in preparation for gathering everyone for their portrait session.

After everyone got dressed, they came back into the barn for the big multi-generational FAMILY PORTRAIT, with all the kids and even a couple of dogs.

Crewe Hill Stables family portrait

The photographic challenge was to light the barn and the people, and to mix it with the outdoors visible through the open door. I set up three lights, one on the left of the group and two on the right and I used a shutter speed that made the outdoors slightly darker than the light on the people. Then I used all of my tricks to get everyone looking at me at the same time.