mobilgeddonIn case you haven’t heard, Google has changed their search engine to favor mobile friendly and responsive websites over non-mobile friendly sites. It’s being called, “Mobilegeddon”. Google is penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly when people search from their phones. With just 20% of business websites out there being mobile friendly, there are a ton of companies in need of a website update… LIKE NOW!
Luckily, Phil Cantor Photography can help you… at least with the photography and video side of your website! If you are going to update your website, it is a good idea to invest in high quality photography and video, it will help you stand out from your competition, engage customers on a more personal level, and having non-stock photos and videos on your site can help your Google search ranking!
Is all of this confusing? We can help there too! We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses both big and small for over 30 years, we’ve got the marketing resources you need and the expertise to help you implement the best strategy for you!