Krysti Sabins is my wonderful Studio Manager. She’s a PhotoShop master and a whiz at social media. But, she’s got a whole ‘nother side. Krysti is an avid hiker and she is the webmaster for a fabulous website called. UNBORING EXPLORING. The site is a fun mix of hiking ideas and video travelogues of Krysti’s favorite trails and adventures.

Yesterday, we went up to one of the great photo locations near my studio (Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, NJ), unloaded a whole bunch of photography equipment and, in the middle of the trail, I set up a powerful, battery-run flash, tripod, and wires. Then I had Krysti climbing atop tree stumps and scampering to the top of boulders.  We got a lot of strange looks from other hikers and dog-walkers.

Unboring Exploring webmaster Krysti Sabins

She’s a free spirit, a colorful outdoorswoman and a strong proponent of drawing people out to enjoy the woods. Be sure to check out her website!

Where’s your favorite place to get outside?