Wow, what a turn out for this year’s Oktoberfest in Montclair, NJ! All because of the 5,500 of you that made it out a few weeks ago to Lackawanna Plaza in downtown Montclair for the annual festival. Oktoberfest in Montclair is where you can eat good food, drink good beer, listen to music AND, as usual, the PHIL CANTOR PHOTOGRAPHY PhotoBooth/Studio was there. The goal has always been to take the silliest photos of you and your loved ones. The booth was filled with wacky props ranging from a bright pink boa to over-sized, electric pink sunglasses. What an amazing time! It was a HUGE success, and that is all thanks to everyone that came out. All 5,500 of you!

The PHIL CANTOR PHOTOGRAPHY PhotoBooth/Studio was constantly busy with people running in and out of the booth to get their portrait taken! It was a wonderful time. Now it’s time for you to see your perfectly silly photographs and crazy props. Find yourself HERE and be sure to TAG and SHARE your photo on Facebook. LIKE the page and receive a $50 discount for a NON-SILLY professional portrait!!

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Brought to you by Montclair, NJ Family and Headshot Portrait Photographer Phil Cantor: