Taking a professional headshot can sometimes be a stressful process. You may not realize it, but there are a lot of things to consider when you’re trying to market yourself as a professional. What type of market are you working in? How do you want to be perceived? How do you want to represent your business? These may seem like loaded questions to be asking for a simple picture. But they’re definitely something to consider if you want a headshot that will last through time.



Deciding what you’re going to wear is one of the most important parts of headshot preparation. It’s important to remember that your headshot will likely be from your shoulders up, so you should put serious thought into the top that you chose. Stay away from patterned shirts. While they might be a fad at the time, eventually they will go out of style and therefore date your headshot. If you’re investing in taking this photo, you should pick a shirt that is timeless. In other words, the simpler the better. Bring a few different colored shirts so you can take a few different shots. Make sure all of your clothes are ironed and wrinkle free. It may be beneficial to invest in a low cost steamer. When you’re getting your picture done professionally, you can guarantee that these small imperfections are noticeable!



For men, it’s important that you’ve mastered your facial hair look before your session with the photographer. Whether you’re clean shaven or prefer to keep your facial hair, it’s necessary that it is well maintained. Your facial hair (or lack thereof) should always look intentional. Avoid unnecessary irritation by using top shaving products. It’s recommended that you shave or simply touch up your hair a day or two before your shoot. That way your skin has time to heal and get back to your everyday look.


For women, it’s important to master your makeup look for this photo session. You want your makeup to enhance your natural features, and not become a distraction. Often times, in order for your makeup to pop in photos you use more, but don’t use darker shades that won’t blend with your skin. More doesn’t mean darker, remember that! Emphasize your eyes and use neutral colors for the rest of your face.



When you think of a headshot, your head is meant to be the focus. You want your hair to compliment your look and not distract from the persona you’re trying to portray. You want to look neat and put together. Bring a brush or a comb with you to the shoot location. Before you start your session, take a moment to run through your hair and eliminate any fly aways. It’s also a good idea to bring a can of hairspray just in case. One awkward or misplaced piece of hair can be enough to distract. It can also lead viewers to believe that you may not pay attention to detail. So take the time, and bring the products to make sure you get it right!