I received this wonderful email from Jeff Blackman, whose wedding I photographed 7 years ago. What he wrote reminded me, once more, on the power and importance of photographs in our lives. Even in this world where every meal is photographed and uploaded to a social media site, being able to hold an album in your hand, turn the pages with a four year-old in your lap, is an emotional experience to be savored.

“Last night on our seventh anniversary we pulled out the album to show our four year old son the wedding. The pictures are great – and really took us back to that day.
But what struck me was the album itself. I know in this day and age we tend to think of photography as a fairly disposable/immediate process, with our digital cameras and the ability to send photos instantly to Grandma 2 states away.
But actually being able to pull out the album is a truly special experience. I just wanted to let you know your work on the album – from the photo selection to the layout, etc – is much appreciated. It really captured the story and the feelings from that day. At the risk of sounding cliche, we will truly treasure it for years. Thank you from the bottom of our seven-year-married hearts.”

Jeff Blackman