Hey all of you procrastinating progeny, still haven’t gotten that Father’s Day gift? Phil has got you covered! Take a gander at Phil’s Top 4 Father’s Day Finds to help you decide what to give the Big Kahuna in your life this coming Sunday. Use your best judgement, of course.

1. Mounted Singing Fish!

We all know Dad’s LOVE fishing. So why not give him the ultimate trophy, a singing fish! Now Dad can relive his best fishing trips while being serenaded by this trout troubadour.


2. Useless Gadgets!

Don’t you know that the worst inventions make the best gifts? Who doesn’t want a typewriter for their iPad? Or the Useless Box? Or the infamous banana slicer? Go ahead and find the most unreasonable gadget out there and know it will be your dad’s favorite gift of all time.


3. Flair Hair!

Is your dad self-conscious about his luminously bare noggin? Get ready to be his favorite child. Give him a glorious head of hair, complete with visor, without the help of Rogaine! This luxurious headpiece not only assists your father aesthetically, it also serves as protection for his sensitive scalp and shade for his peepers. Talk about a hat-trick!



4. A Photo Session!

All kidding aside, if you really want to please dad, a photo session is the way to go. There is no better way to capture you and your father’s relationship than with a classic portrait. Years from now, you will be able to look back at the photograph and relish that moment you shared together. There is no better time to create a memento that will last a lifetime!

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