My oldest son is off to a new adventure. He is an aerospace engineer (Washington University 2009) and for the last 5 years he’s worked on communications satellites in Pennsylvania. As of next month, he will be working on designing spaceships for a Seattle-based start up.

In the meantime, he is taking a slow trip across the country, with his brother and a friend.  It sounds like a Trip to Remember. From what I gather, the trip seems to be based a lot on food: crawfish in Mississippi. the best bbq in Austin. Mexican food in Santa Fe.

Perhaps you can guess where they were yesterday from this snapshot.


I have to say this trip is nostalgic for me. I made the voyage 3 times when I was their age, and stopped in many of the same places.  The hole-in-the wall diners, the weird museums and tourist traps, chatting with locals…all remind me of a time and place in my own life. I hope they have wonderful memories that they will carry.

One difference, is the digital revolution. I can read their observations on their Facebook pages. Here’s a favorite one:

“The signs for Gallup, NM claim it was voted “most patriotic city in America” but the source was a Gallup poll so I remain skeptical.”