I always recommend photographing at museums. People are not paying attention to me, the action is usually very interesting and there are possibilities for interesting juxtapositions.  And, did I mention that there is often lots of great art around.

I recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC which is the grande dame of Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue. I went to see the Chinese costume exhibit just before it closed and then stumbled upon one of my favorite portrait painters, John Singer Sargent.  There was an interesting window within the Sargent exhibit that looked outside onto a hallway. The passing crowds outside paused to look at something while a patron in front of me blurred past.  The backwards writing on the window made it even more interesting.

Metropolitan Art 1


Speaking of blurs, the photograph below is the result of subject movement and long exposure. 1/8th of a second at f/6.4.  The slight movement of my camera makes the black and white lines pulsate, I think.

It adds pop to the Pop Art.