Montclair, NJ Family Portrait Photographer Phil Cantor writes:

Time Lapses. Time passes. The Lee family from Bergen County arrived at my studio with an interesting idea. They had taken a family portrait 15 years ago, by another photographer, that they wanted to recreate. The challenge was to capture the family in the studio as they appear TODAY … in the same positions from 15 years ago! I consulted the original photograph in order to position everyone just right. The daughter did her best to put on a bemused baby’s face while her brother had no option but to smile with his now full set of pearly whites. Dad even had the same shirt from 15 years ago! This was only one of the MANY photos we took together, but of course it was the most entertaining to put together. This new photograph would document the passage of time and again I am reminded about the affect of photography on the history of a family.

I hope 15 (or 20!) years from now, the Lee’s return to recreate this portrait all over again.