February can be rough. All the newness of the New Year is gone and Groundhog Day and President’s Day hardly seem worth celebrating. Going anywhere means putting on lots of layers…and then realizing you forgot to go to the bathroom beforehand.


Enter: Valentine’s Day. The holiday has gone through many transformations over the years—from its origins as a martyred priest’s feast day (100-200 AD, sources are apocryphal) to a day of gangster violence (1929, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre) to a commercial day so sugar-y sweet your teeth might fall out if you walk down the Hallmark aisle at your local drugstore.

If you and your sweetheart exchange gifts, consider giving a portrait to him or her as a present. You’ll not only have a fun time pretending to be models together, but you’ll have a tangible piece of art to look back on over the years as you grow together. Make an appointment today, 973-783-1065. Or, click here for a Last Minute Gift Certificate.

Plus, a portrait will last longer than a homemade coupon for a free breakfast in bed or foot massage.