This summer, I photographed a multi-generational portrait of Helen and David’s families. David’s parents had come for a visit from England and  it just seemed a perfect time for a big family portrait. We chose to create the photos at their home instead of my studio, and it turned out to be a wonderful choice. 
I wanted the portraits to have a sense of place. Two good choices presented themselves: Backyard or Front Porch – what a dilemma. So, I did both! 
Having a family come together for a family portrait like this not only creates a wonderful moment. but it gives the family an excuse to spend quality time together. I hear often that a photography session itself becomes a shared experience for the whole family!
Which do you like: Backyard or Front Porch? Let me know in the comments below!
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Brought to you by Montclair, NJ Family and Headshot Portrait Photographer Phil Cantor:

Family portrait on Porch