After two months of work, I have launched my new website.
The new site is designed by the very talented Julian Gaviria. I love how he made use of “ripped paper”, photo album “slits”, and burgundy “leather” to give my site a “modern retro” look.

Phil Cantor's New Web Design

Incidentally, the site is designed on a WordPress structure so that updates will be very easy to make. The navigation is easier…right from the home page you can see the latest blog posts, email a query, and Like me on Facebook. There are lots more galleries now and the photos are huge. Especially check out the very cool movement of the galleries…instead of scrolling up and down, the photographs go off the screen on the right side and appear to fade out.

My logo was designed by Hugh Lehner of Lehner & Whyte Design.

BTW…there may be bugs, so if you notice something not working, let me know!