South Park Street starting to take shape

South Park Street in the heart of downtown Montclair is finally starting to take shape. After being in the Master Plan for 40 years, the Business Improvement District took up the torch and came up with a great design by the former BID President, Erik Maran. The old street was super wide and lots of traffic, had narrow sidewalks, and was full of potholes.In addition, the sewers were in need of replacement and would have cost a ton to fix. The new street will be beautiful and continue the experience of nearby Church Street, only it will be even better designed. The BID got a $500,000 no-interest loan from New Jersey and the Township funded the rest. The new South Park will spur development throughout the downtown. Already, a new chain of women’s clothes are coming in.

Why am I so interested in this? Well, I love Montclair, and I’m the new president of the BID!