phil cantor cameraCanon makes great cameras! I have had my Canon 5D Mark II for just over 5 years and it is a fabulous machine. It’s a full frame, 21 megapixel workhorse. Recently, I heard somewhere that the lifespan of the digital shutter is about 150,000 clicks, or as they like to call it, “shutter activations.”  I didn’t know how many photographs I had taken with my camera, so I checked around and found a computer app to download that would give the answer.

I downloaded EOSInfo, connected my camera, and was quite surprised what it found out!

phil cantor camera2

I have pressed the shutter button on this camera 200,838 times. That means in the five years I have had the camera, I have taken an average of over 118 shots per day, everyday for the five years: that includes weekdays, weekends, holidays, vacation days, sick days, work days, lazy days…everyday (that’s what average means!).

And, this is just my latest camera. This is the fourth digital camera I’ve owned, and I have had at least 20 film cameras before that (film cameras lasted a lot longer).

I figure that I’ve made 2.7 million photographs. It makes my finger hurt just to write that.