It’s almost fall and I am lucky to be visiting friends in the NORTHEAST KINGDOM…the northernmost counties of Vermont. I’m in West Glover, about 20 miles from the Canadian border. It’s easier to get CBC radio than NPR.

The days are sunny and the nights are cool. The apples are on the trees and the vegetables in the garden are plentiful, but you can tell their days are numbered.  This is dairy farm country, so there’s lots of cheese.

Below is Little Hosmer Pond in Craftbury Commons.  I am trying out different functions on my new camera, Panasonic Lumix GX8. I love the monochrome settings that give a very silky, soft look.



The Lumix handles quickly and is very sharp. This is the 42.5 mm lens, wide open at f/1.7. It is equivalent to an 85mm on 35mm.


“Page Pond with cattails” is another black & white example with the Lumix. Like many of the new generation of cameras, the GX8 can by quirky and finicky and, until I get used to it, I have to really concentrate when using it.


The neighbor’s rams giving the Panasonic a good look.