The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is one of my favorite non-profit organizations.  If you hike anywhere in New Jersey, the Catskills, Shawanagunks, or the Hudson Valley in New York, then you know that their maps are the best and they do an amazing job creating and maintaining all of the great trails and promoting the Great Outdoors.

DSH oldlight

This year is an important milestone for the Conference. Construction is almost complete on their new headquarters in the repurposed 1891 Darlington Schoolhouse in Mahwah, New Jersey. A superb example of restoring an architectural landmark, the new headquarters will house a training center and meeting space in a “green,” energy-efficient building.

new-york-new-jersey-trail-conference-phil-cantor photography

This spring, I’ve volunteered to photograph their board of directors at their May board meeting. This morning, while dressed in my Pillsbury Doughboy jacket,  I met with Ed Goodell (right), the Executive Director to plan the location shoot. I’m planning on updating the old photograph with the current Board in front of the new building. Hopefully, the Port-o-Johnny will not be in use on the day of the shoot.