Last weekend, I made the trek up to the northern Catskills. Schoharie County, NY, to be exact. They are experiencing the coldest February on record. The average temperature has been 9 degrees and the snow depth is about 24 inches compacted.

It sounds delicious if you like cross-country skiing. I joined Rod and Barb on the old logging trails on New York State Forest land. The day was cold, but the bright sun made it perfect for spending two hours on sticks sliding across deep snow. We followed snowmobile tracks, so we did not tire ourselves having to break trail.

I haven’t mentioned our long haired companion, Roxy. Roxy is a fantastic ski dog…happiest when bounding in the snow like a kangaroo. The cold doesn’t bother her, nor does the deep snow. The only thing she does not like about the winter are the ice balls that form between the pads of her paws.XC Skiing with Roxy