The summer is one of the best times for outdoor portraits. The days are longer, everyone is more relaxed, and families are coming together for vacations, reunions and get-togethers alike. If you were looking to hone your photography skills this season, begin by trying out this great tip for better portraits!


Avoid photographing subjects in direct sunlight! Sunlight is great for flowers, but creates harsh, often unflattering shadows on faces, known as ‘Raccoon Eyes’. Instead, seek out shade where your subjects are lit from behind or entirely in shade. Expose for your subjects skin tones by walking up close and taking a reading off of one of the faces. For the best results, use a white sheet of paper, or a board or even a newspaper as a reflector in front of the subjects….this bounces light on to the faces, and opens up the shadows a bit.

So there you have it – a useful tip to get you started on the right foot for photographing portraits this summer…happy shooting!