Going back in time! Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879) was one of the first photographers to really experiment with the artistic possibilities of the new medium. This was the dawn of an entirely new technology and no one quite knew what the future held for it. Most “artsy” photographs of the time were of landscapes and those that were portraits tended to be dry documentations of a family. Cameron was one of the first to really tell stories and depict characters in her photographs. She expanded the concept of a portrait into the realm of impressionism. In the tradition of painting, her portraits were often representing a biblical or mythological figure rather than a literal person. She pioneered the use of soft-focus which gave her photographs a dreamlike quality and paved the way for our instagram photo filters that we now take for granted.

Julia Cameron early portrait



Brought to you by Montclair, NJ Family and Headshot Portrait Photographer Phil Cantor.