I spent a rainy day at the Museum of Modern Art this week. Known as MOMA, it is the preeminent gallery of what’s new in the World of Art.  BTW, here’s a tip: if it is raining, do NOT go to any NYC museum…everyone has the same idea. It was so crowded I thought it was a national holiday. I could hardly see the artwork.

However, I still had a blast since I had my Fuji X100 camera with me. I did get to enjoy the Jackson Pollock exhibition.DSCF5201


And an exhibit on sculpture from the Museum’s collection.



But most memorable was the performance art that was happening in various locales around the museum. It was called “Plastic” and consisted of dancers dressed in grey, lying on the floor of the rotunda or on the main staircase, moving so slowly they looked like they were oozing, as museum-goers went about their visit.

DSCF5242 DSCF5227



Where’s Waldo? Can you find me in front of the Port Authority Terminal?