This week I photographed the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Board of Directors at their headquarters in the historic Darlington Schoolhouse in Mahwah, New Jersey. No suits or ties for this Board…think hiking boots, Tilley hats, t-shirts and shorts…North Face, not Nordstroms.

As a longtime member of the Trail Conference, it was my pleasure to offer my services to document the board members in front of the shiny, old headquarters.


Though the temperatures were well into the 80s and the air thick with humidity, everyone was a trouper and we made a ‘family portrait’ of a great group of volunteers. These people can clearly withstand the elements, even when conditions are brutal! I would expect no less from an organization dedicated to creating, protecting, and promoting a network of over 2,000 miles of public trails in the New York-New Jersey region.

Following the Board portrait, I took a photograph of the professional senior staff members on a trail right next to the front door of the HQ. I am not kidding, but 10 feet to our left was a very calm deer grazing for a while as we set up for the portraits and then decided to walk into our scene.



If YOU want to be a part of this rugged group of individuals, become a member! Your membership to the Trail Conference supports the work of the organization, gives you opportunities to take part in volunteer projects and training workshops, and entitles you to discounts at many local outdoor stores. What more could you ask for?

Check out the NYNJTC website for more information on their work & how to become a member.

And if you’re looking for MORE adventure in the NY-NJ area, be sure to check out the online series Unboring Exploring by my Studio Manager, Krysti Sabins. She’ll take you on some of the Trail Conference’s top hiking trails, while entertaining you every step of the way! Watch an episode featuring Jersey’s own Norvin Green State Forest below: